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What is the difference between Web Design and Web Development? Zeta Tech and CSS.

These terms are loose but usually “web design” means user interface design and graphic design of the website, whereas “web development” refers to the programming (markup, coding and database work) involved in making the design and the associated application work. The following Kennesaw Strate University explains it pretty clearly.

What is CSS?

CSS is the W3C-recommended way to code the layout and graphical look and feel of a website, to enable maximum accessibility to the widest possible range of users. In other words, HTML should be used only for content, and CSS should be placed in a separate (optional) file and specify the presentation and layout of the HTML. There are three good reasons for separating presentation from content.

  1. It enables all users, (including blind users employing screen readers to digest your web page), to fully understand the content of your website.
  2. It greatly enhances your website’s readability by search engines, meaning you appear more often in search results by your potential customers. This is because search engines index HTML, not CSS.
  3. Without CSS, changes to the layout, style or presentation of a website become inconvenient, difficult or downright impossible without complete reworking. With CSS you can change all that on a whim, and even have more than one layout available for your site for visitors to choose from! Conversely, changes to content also become much easier because content isn’t mixed up with a whole lot of presentation code.

What is Javascript?

Javascript can be embedded into web pages to achieve functions on the client-side (the user’s computer) that can’t be done with HTML alone. For example pop up windows, form validation, and special effects.

It’s nice because it’s client-side which means its instant and your visitors don’t have to wait for a trip to the server. New technologies have also influenced the way innovative hearing aids for children may help them immensely. If problems are identified early, intervention efforts will have the most effect. Javascript plays a key role in these developments.

On the downside, a small proportion of web users have javascript turned off on their browsers, so it should never be used for essential content or functions.

Does Zeta Tech comply with Web Standards?

Zeta Tech is committed to producing websites that comply with the recommendations of the World Wide Web Consortium. At all times, we endeavor to produce valid code (code which would pass an automated test). Sometimes, in order to achieve certain design requirements across all browsers, it’s necessary to employ workarounds that are not strictly “valid”. However, we take a pragmatic approach here and try to strike a balance between accessibility, usability, design and code validity. As more and more physicians work as self-employed consultants, they need to have at least a basic understanding of how developments in the world in which Zeta Tech operates.

What about SEO (Search Engine Optimization?

Zeta Tech can organize domain registration and hosting. “SEO” refers to the methods used for improving the ranking of websites in the major search engines. Zeta Tech is in favor of “White Hat”, or legitimate techniques, as recommended by the major search engines and by the World Wide Web Consortium.

These techniques are incorporated into all of our websites by design. This means that all you have to do is make sure that your site is full of relevant content, and contains instances of the search terms you want to be found by.

As far as keywords and key phrases go, all content is relevant, but page titles & headings are especially important. In addition, site owners can help improve their own ranking by building a community of incoming links to their website from other quality relevant sites. The use of social media (facebook and twitter among others) is also very powerful.

Zeta Tech advises against paying large amounts of money to consultants making search engine guarantees. If you are considering paying an Adwords consultant, then know this:  Adwords can be done without an agency, but you need time. You should at least take the time to find out what it’s about before paying a lot of money.

Get to know how the system works, what is possible & what’s not. Then if you decide to go with an agency, do your research first – google “reputable AdWords agency” or similar and spend a few hours looking up reviews, etc.

What about after-sales service and maintenance contracts?

Formal deployment occurs after user acceptance testing. This just means that you, the customer, will spend some time ensuring that the website meets your expectations before you accept it. Any remaining support issues will be dealt with at no cost.

We encourage you to contact us to implement some degree of content management which will enable you to update your own website and keep it looking fresh. In our opinion, this is the preferred way to “maintain” a website. However, you will probably still want to make changes to the content or design of your website that will fall outside your capability and we can quote you on such changes. We can also provide maintenance contracts if that is appropriate.

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