Work Culture Courses

In addition to the range of tours there are also courses and workshops that will equip learners with work skills directly relevant to the advancement of their career goals.

Colleges and training facilities: To provide professional delivery in specialized areas and consult on course development according to the Holland Code aptitude career test. We can also provide logistic support and specialized trainers.

For Employers: We can develop training programs to provide a worker who is skilled in the requirements of their particular workplace or Industry. We can work together with the employer at his facilities to completely customize the training to his needs. Worldwide.

Employees and Job-seekers: Wishing to advance their skill levels and career opportunities will find a range of workplace relevant training courses available through your recruitment agent, employer or training college.

Field work and on-site training: There are also training options ‘in the field’, outdoors or at particularly difficult sites under a variety of conditions. This type of training skills the worker in real life possibilities, apart from classroom theory-based only, and is particularly relevant to Occupational Health and Safety.

Cross-cultural understanding seminars: Often a difficult area and in this age of globalization increasingly important. There are seminars to suit the client’s needs. Suitable for employers, service companies, tourism operators, exporters and importers, Governments and NGOs, call centers and International corporations.

Distance education, online and self-learning Solutions: International correspondence education services are able to offer a range of courses up to advanced certificate and diploma level on a huge range of subjects. We also have the capability to develop company specific on-line training inductions, ongoing skills refreshment and company database training resources.


Numerous organizations are specializing in the delivery of courses and workshops that will equip the student with work skills directly relevant to the advancement of their career goals. These courses are delivered to a quality standard, developed by US and International education and training professionals, and delivered by US and International teachers and trainers at a number of locations worldwide.

The courses are designed to be a relatively intense learning experience in order to maximize the intake of information and employ a number of modern multi-media presentation methods. The certificates received on completion are intended to enhance the students’ chances of success in a competitive job market and are particularly relevant for those seeking employment overseas.

Your Career’s courses

Many organizations deliver courses that link in directly with the requirements of overseas workers in a variety of industries.

So if you are considering trying for overseas work, these courses are for you

It is well known as an issue among employers that there are considerable costs and safety liabilities, both to the employer and the employee, in hiring an untrained or limited skilled worker for a position, no matter how suitable they may appear in other areas.

The courses have been developed in consultation with employers, industry bodies and employment agencies internationally, by industry professionals, in order to provide a level of training and education that equips a worker applying for an overseas employment opportunity with the workplace skills and safety knowledge to make them an asset to the employer.

With a workplace directed training certificate you increase your chance to be short-listed for deployment, and if you have registered for a course through one of these reputable agents you will be added to a database that is jointly maintained by these recruitment agents and which actively seeks work placement opportunities for its members

What makes these careers courses different from those offered through traditional training colleges is the fact that these courses are Vocational based, they directly cover the workplace needs, meaning that for the employer you will receive a skilled worker able to move directly into his or her duties and perform safely with a high level of service. As an employee you will have the confidence to apply for and once successfully employed, to approach your duties in the knowledge that you will know the requirements of the job and the safety issues involved.

As an agent marketing Your Career courses, you will know that an applicant who has completed the course will be an asset to an employer and one that you as an agent can recommend with confidence, adding to your own reputation for supplying qualified, well presented and safety minded workers