The Virtual Community School of Ohio

The Virtual Community School of Ohio (VCS Ohio) is a public education program open to all Ohio resident schoolchildren.  The main difference from a traditional school is that the student takes all their classes at home, with an interactive curriculum that combines computer-based instruction from nearly fifty certified teachers and traditional textbooks and workbooks to supplement the online teaching.

While this may seem like a radical departure from the normal school environment, it’s important to note that many new online programs are popping up around the country with great success like the Colorado Virtual Academy.

Each student enrolled in the Virtual Community School of Ohio will receive a computer, scanner, and printer free of charge for the time they are enrolled in the program.  The school will also pay for your internet access to ensure you are able to easily connect to the school each day.

You will also receive all the normal schoolbooks as well as supplementary course aids such as workbooks and handouts.  The major difference is that you will not be in a classroom interacting personally with the teacher and other students, but listening and participating in classroom lessons from the privacy of your own home.

As you can imagine, this is not the perfect setup for someone looking to play on a high school football team or go to the homecoming dance, but for many students, it is an essential program that truly fits their needs.  This includes students who would be traditionally home-schooled, those who have health and physical issues, and students who need a flexible schedule.  A new program available at VCS Ohio aims to fill the needs of gifted students who are stifled in their current learning environment and can benefit from the flexibility and personal attention of the VCS Ohio program.

What to Expect from the Virtual Community School of Ohio

Any student in grades K-12 can enroll in the VCS Ohio program at no cost whatsoever as it is funded by the Ohio Department of Education as a traditional public school would be.  It runs on a standard school year schedule, but the flexible nature of the program allows for students to take courses that best fit their current ability and knowledge levels.   The school uses the Ohio Content Standards for the curriculum, so it is fully accredited by the state.  Students must sit for the normal state-sponsored standardized exams as if they were attending a traditional school.

Parental involvement is essential to the success of the student, especially during the transition period from regular school to the online world of the VCS Ohio.  Parents also are encouraged to correspond with the teachers via email or a toll-free phone number and to check up on their student’s grades via the online system at any point they want.  A progress report is mailed four times each year so the parents are fully aware of how their student is doing in school that year.

The students will be assigned specific teachers who will keep track of their progress and correspond with both the student and the parents.  The students will actually not log onto their computers each day, so this is very much a program for students with the discipline to do the work on their own.  The flexible timing allows for all learning styles and speeds and that will be a major factor in your child succeeding at the Virtual Community School of Ohio.