Mark 21 Specification

Dell computer, hi-res color camera,
20″ flat screen monitor

Lab module:
Optical module with micrometer adjustable stage
Standard light emitting diode, long life illumination sources
Data logging, charting and graphing, video recording software
Quick change stage with chemically resistant PEEK® plastic sample cell
Conductivity and temperature sensors mounted in sample cell
Particle Size:
Bright Field 1 to 500 microns – and larger size depending
on concentration
Dark Field Sample Size:
25 ml. minimum to unlimited
40 µL Small sample mode
0 to 65 degrees Celsius
2 to 60 degrees Celsius for ZP measurement
Specific Conductivity:
10 to 25,000 microS/cm
Suspension medium:
Aqueous or Organic Solvent
Voltage requirements:
110 VAC 50/60 Hz