International Pediatric Association Activities

In 1910, the International Pediatric Association (IPA) was established in Paris by a select group of pediatricians from Europe, and in 1912, the group assembled for the time at the 1st International  Pediatrics Congress. During the course of the more than 100 years of its existence, the Association has become a leading non-governmental organization that includes more than 145 National Pediatric Society members from over 140 countries.

The IPA additionally includes ten Regional Pediatric Societies from all corners of the world, as well as thirteen International Pediatric Specialty Societies that include the International Federation of Associations of Pediatric Surgeons and the International Association of Pediatric Chairs.

The IPA is an organization staffed by volunteers and is headquartered in Switzerland. The Association is managed by the Council of Delegates which is comprised of a representative from all Member Societies, a Standing Committee that is elected, a Standing Committee Executive Board, and its Officers.

Main IPA Activities

The initial purpose of the International Pediatric Association was to establish and build good relationships among the world’s pediatricians and promote the sharing of information and education related to child health and to fight the abuse of prescription drugs, especially in child healthcare. In the course of its existence, the IPA has held International Congresses usually on a 2-year basis, with only the of the periods of World Wars I and II as exceptions.

The IPA has conducted numerous seminars and workshops addressing major issues regarding child health and bridging the gaps in healthcare, often in collaboration with UNICEF and WHO. International Congresses have different themes. The last IPA Congress was in 2016, in San Francisco. Here is an overview of the last ten IPA congresses:

6-9 September 2016, 18th IPA International Congress, San Francisco, CA, United States
Theme: Towards Mental Health Care for all Older Adults

13-16 October 2015, 17th IPA International Congress, Berlin, Germany
Theme: Balancing Cure with Care: Advances in Late Life Mental Health

1-4 October 2013, 16th IPA International Congress, Seoul, Korea
Theme: Towards Successful Aging: Harmony of Mental, Physical, & Social Life

6-9 September 2011, 15th IPA International Congress, The Hague, The Netherlands
Theme: Reinventing Aging Through Innovation; Care, Research, Technology

1-5 September 2009, 14th IPA International Congress, Montréal, Canada
Theme: Path to Prevention

14-18 October 2007, 13th IPA International Congress, Osaka, Japan
Osaka Silver Congress – IPA’s 25th Anniversary, Theme: Active Aging: Wisdom for Body, Mind, & Spirit

20-24 September 2005, 12th IPA International Congress, Stockholm, Sweden
Theme: Aging with Dignity: New Challenges; New Possibilities; New Solutions

17-22 August 2003, 11th IPA International Congress, Chicago, IL, United States
Theme: Enhancing the Human Connection in the Age of New Technologies: Implications & Opportunities for the Aging

9-14 September 2001, 10th IPA International Congress, Nice, France
Theme: Bridging the Gap Between Brain & Mind

15-20 August 1999, 9th IPA International Congress, Vancouver, BC,  Canada
Theme: Challenges for the New Millennium; Professional, Cultural, & Regional Diversity

Today, the IPA is working hard to mobilize the Association’s vast international network of pediatricians to advocate all sorts of child health programs and the treatment of bulging disc issues. Whenever possible, the IPA is looking to work together with UN agencies and other global-operating organizations. The main interest areas and programs include themes such as:

  • Children’s Environmental Health
  • Universal Immunization
  • Better Medicines for Children
  • Childhood Tuberculosis
  • Child Health in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Child Health in Humanitarian Emergency
  • Child Survival & Health
  • Newborn Survival & Health
  • Adolescent Health
  • Nutrition
  • Quality of Care in Hospitals & other Facilities

In 2002, the UN General Assembly held a Special Session on Children and their Health, so this was the best time for the IPA, together with WHO and UNICEF, to draft the Call to Action in New York from Pediatricians of the World. This Call to Action pointed attention to issues related to global child health, addressed the need and urgency to work better towards the “Millennium Development Goals”, and stressed the need for action and collaboration on a country-based scale between all stakeholders in the world of child health in those countries.

And in 2006, the IPA came with a strong Millennium Call to Action targeted at Pediatricians around the World. This Call to Action addressed the urgency of working towards reaching the world’s Millennium Development Goals. It also addressed the broad range of all issues related to children’s health all across the globe.

In 2007, the IPA Council of Delegates, which represents the entire IPA membership community, unanimously voted to adopt IPA’s Millenium Development Goals Project, a venture specifically targeted at country-level action to reach these goals. The IPA is actively providing assistance and consultation in all countries and in all areas of child health.