7 steps to A Better You

In this post, I want to share with you my 7 steps to a better you. I used this strategy many times and recently I helped my sister’s son who dropped out of high school 5 years ago and now really wants to get his GED diploma. I will show how she and you can achieve your dream in just 7 simple steps.

STEP ONE – Reconstruct & Reconnect with YourSelf.

This step is the foundation that creates focus, energy & inspiration. It gives you direction and purpose so you are less likely to be distracted by all the things that life throws at you.Here you are powerfully stating what you want rather than what you don’t want. You recreate your most radiant and beautifully relaxed and empowered self.

STEP TWO – Find resources that will help you to achieve your goal. Make it real and relax. Never underestimate the power of tools. With right tools (resources) you will be able to achieve much better results. If you’ve ever tried to relax when you are stressed or when you have consumed a lot of sugar or caffeinated drinks you will know all difficult it can be. In this next step, you burn off the stress hormone cortisol which creates inflammation and tension in the body. A body full of cortisol cannot relax.

During this phase, you will also discover how to easily find your power spot so you can use the energies of the earth to amplify and accelerate the RADIANT process.

If you are practicing this step in a building or in bed, you will be shown alternative ways to release the tension and cortisol so you can move easily into a more rejuvenating state.

STEP THREE – Disengage from Distractions

The next two steps deal with mental stress. Trying to focus when you are upset or have a million things on your to-do list is difficult. A busy mind is a stressed mind. Even when my sister had all resources in her hands she was still in stress that she will not be able to pass the GED.

Before you can successful disengage from distractions you need to be aware of what is hanging up your attention. Many people are only vaguely aware they are disturbed and do not take the time to be fully present to what they are thinking and feeling. You may find you automatically deny and resist your uncomfortable states of stress.

In this step, you are given some simple yet practical suggestions as well as mindfulness techniques to gently and easily free up your energy and attention so you can be more fully present.

STEP FOUR – Induce an Embodied Alpha Brain Wave State

Our Western Culture habituates us to glorify being busy and productive which tends to involve being in a doing, thinking mode. This results in our conscious awareness being located in or around our head most of the time. It is only in our body that we can feel grounded and centered.

A special breathing technique helps bring your conscious awareness down into the body and into an alpha brain wave state that is associated with relaxed alertness.

During this step, there is a continued focus on connecting with earth energy to stabilize & ground your awareness in your body.

STEP FIVE – Awaken & Amplify Your Heart Field

This step brings your emotional state into a more relaxed state.

It’s from your heart that you really connect with your life and enjoy the expanding emotions of appreciation, connection, and well-being. After connecting and grounding into your body it becomes easier to open the heart.

A simple practice that has been scientifically shown to bring the heart into a state of coherence is used in conjunction with nature. Nature holds a lot of fascination for the mind and this tendency is used to help focus the generally poor ability to stay concentrated and centered.

By creating a state of coherence in the heart, the rest of the body & brain synchronize with this more fluid rhythm. This creates a dynamic state of balance between the two parts of nervous system. Alert relaxation is further deepened and amplified in this step, promoting health and wellbeing. This state is associated with lessened morbidity and increased stress resilience.

STEP SIX – Notice & Nourish Your Senses & Perception

Re-immersing yourself in sensation is a simple yet powerful process resulting in an increased sense of aliveness, expanded perception & the ability to perceive the inner luminosity that is inherent in all things. It also increases your awareness of the greater patterns and flow of life.

STEP SEVEN -Take in Aliveness & Connection

All of these steps and practices lead toward being receptive and being able to take IN the world. We learn to let life flow toward us, rather than attacking it or resisting it with our attention. This allows the ultimate rest from constant DOING. It makes hearing the heart a lot easier.

The Northwest Salish Indians had a name for this state of mind; Skalatitude. This is a state where all things are in balance and the spiritual dimensions of life predominate. In this state, magic and beauty are seen everywhere. What a beautiful place to live!

AFTER STEP – Acknowledge & Celebrate

It is important to take the time to acknowledge and celebrate what you have allowed yourself to receive. So much of how we live is jumping from one thing to another without taking some space to relish and enjoy what has come to us.

This step allows for more good things to manifest in your life by acknowledging and appreciating what you have. You let life know you would like more of it.